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'Dinner Lady' is out on iTunes

Sometimes our school dinner is a little bit hard to swallow....check out the lyrics and head down to iTunes to download the song!


Dinner Lady, Dinner Lady what's for lunch today?

Something smelling funny please put it away

Dinner Lady Dinner Lady Did you cook this today?

It’s the same mouldy monkey from yesterday!


Pasta slimy wants to fight me

Slender sausage could be ostrich

Bratty broccoli mean and sloppy

Mushy little peas Who would ever eat these?


Lumpy custard Could be mustard

Custard Jelly hurts my belly

Black banana It’s my drama

Yucky Thick skin in my Rice pudding - Oh come on!


We’re trapped in this room and there’s nowhere to go

All the loos are broken there's an “oop” overflow

Bossy Dinner Ladies just won’t let us out

I have to eat this food but I’m still gonna shout!

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