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"...Rock'n'Roll! With a little help from our friends..."


Denise Parsons

Radio Verulam 92.6FM DJ & Local Music Expert

Having played our songs and interviewed our band at her fantastic show 'The Parsons Knows Local Music’ on Radio Verulam, Denise has been an amazing supporter and promoter of our work. She also introduced us to ‘The Live Music Project’ at the Trestle Arts Base, where we played a couple of times now including a performance in support of Home-Start Charity.

Thank you Denise for taking every opportunity to promote our work and for championing original local music and beyond!


Radio Verulam 92.6 FM



Stuart Epps



We are so honoured to be working with legendary

rock producer Stuart Epps.

Stuart has worked with Rock'n'Roll giants such as Led Zeppelin,

Oasis, Elton John and many more!


Every session and rehearsal with Stuart is a masterclass. Not only do we

learn about the song-writting and arrangement processes, but also about

the music industry and some amazing stories that only someone with his

experience can tell...


Thank you Stuart for taking the time to really mentor us and help us

progress to our next steps!

Herts Mercury

The best newspaper in Hertfordshire!

Thank you guys for featuring us at the front page of your EPIC newspaper.


We were so chuffed to see our band make it to the news again and glad that you're really tuned in to what's happening in the local music scene in Hertford!

Big MNB thumbs up to your fantastic team!



Miss Klaudia

Radio Verulam 92.6FM Host


Thank you Miss Klaudia for broadcasting our music at the St Albans Christmas Lights Switch On and for your fantastic comments on our Twitter, we already love you! We hope to cross paths again very soon!


Radio Verulam 92.6 FM



St Albans Council

St Albans Council & Arts Team


A big thank you to our very own town's Council for always organising amazing events, letting us perform and give back to our community – including all the Clock Tower gigs so far! Also to the awesome St Albans Arts Team for letting us rock the stage at the St Albans Christmas Lights Switch On 2016 and for enabling local artists to showcase their talent in a fantastic way!

St Albans Council


St Albans Arts Team


Sarah Kneller

Summerswood Primary School Headteacher


We had the pleasure to meet Miss Kneller at #Woodfest 2015  – one of our favourite gigs so far! (We went back in 2016 and had a blast again!)


The festival was so well organised and we met some great people, including Katie Piper, David Boakes (Michael Jackson impersonator) and the Town’s Mayor!


Miss Kneller surprised us when she got all the kids to show us what they had learned during the week…our Ice Cream song! The event was also special because we got to raise funds for the Katie Piper Foundation.


Thank you Miss Kneller for having us at #Woodfest and for inviting us for the next year! You can count us in!


Pete Gent

The real magician


Ladies and gentlemen, the real magician, Mr. Pete Gent! Thank you for the amazing work with our guitars and amps, sir. Where would we be without you? Check out Pete Gent's Music Dept here:


Chris Saunders

Music teacher


We have known Chris for a loooong time. He is our amazing piano teacher, close friend and a great source of motivation and guidance to our music.


From the beginning Chris has encouraged us to write our own songs. He has always been available to help us polish our lyrics/melodies before we get into the studio to practice and record our tracks.


Chris also teaches English as a Second Language and speaks Spanish like a native! ’Muchas gracias’ to our Yoda master, we owe you a lot!


Laura Berrill

Journalist & PR Consultant


When we first started, it was really difficult to find people who would be willing to let us perform at their venues. Some people thought we were too young, and perhaps not good enough for their audiences (as we are young and they had never seen us perform before).


We knocked on many doors, but got turned down several times – it was quite disappointing... Then we met Laura :0) Laura was introduced to us by our friend Stuart Brooks and we were really impressed with all her enthusiasm and initial advice. Her immense amount of connections helped us get the right gigs, meet the right people and get quickly noticed, both locally and at national level!


MNB Thumbs Up to Laura!

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