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Our Latest Album 

"Today's News For Tomorrow's World"

is Out Now!

Last Year we had a great time performing at some EPIC music venues and festivals. The crowds were AWESOME!!!! Thank You!

Hope you enjoy our "Fake News" Live Gigs Showreel !

Our new music video

'The World's Gone Mad' is out now!

We wanted to write a song in response to all the everyday nonsense we see in the media & around the world at the moment! We thank Mr Trump, Brexit and so many current controversial issues for igniting our songwriting passion and inspiring us to come up with this song.

We have quite a few more coming up! Stay Tuned! MNB


"The old believe everything,

The middle-aged suspect everything,

The Young know everything"

This record is a result of hard work and perseverance. When we started out on our journey, we were told by many that we were ‘too young’ and got turned down a lot. Well, we didn’t give up.

By the time you read this, we will have played over 50 gigs at all sorts of venues; from music festivals to charity events, from garden parties to film festivals! We are proud of every song we write and release, after all, they are about our lives and are our voice in the world!

So here’s to all who believed in us, and to those who made it harder too – otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Enjoy the epic sounds of the MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW BAND!


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