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Sugar Rush, 'The Primary Years'... This is a collection of our “early” work.


Some of it is quite embarrassing, like the time when we were told to take down our song ‘Peppa Pig’ from iTunes because we used their TV character’s copyrighted name. But we didn’t let that stop us, so we rename it ‘Pep Up Pig’. Indeed, it cheered us up, specially when we saw our names all over national newspapers, including The Telegraph, Daily Mail and everywhere on the internet (try searching ‘Magician’s Nephew Band Peppa Pig’ and you’ll see…)


We don’t sing much about ‘Ice Cream’ these days, but this track got us in the St Albans International Film Festival (we entered the music video category) and gave us one of our first gigs.


We hope you enjoy the early sounds of the Magician’s Nephew Band, we know these songs will come back to haunt us when we are older, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere…



Ice Cream

Super Heroes

Bed Time

Pep Up Pig

We Will Rock You

Monday Mornings


Sugar Rush CD

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